[COBTH] NEW! 3D Printing in Concrete Construction

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Thursday, January 20 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Title: [COBTH] NEW! 3D Printing in Concrete Construction


Presented by COBOD International.

NEW for WOC 2022! This new and exciting course is being presented by Jakob Jorgensen, co-founder & CTO of COBOD International, the World’s leading supplier of 3D Construction Printers active in 6 continents. “State of the art” of 3D construction printing will be addressed including the different technologies used in current projects plus permitting, structural, material and design considerations.

Topics of discussion:

  • Introduction to 3D printed construction
  • World-wide overview, projects, and players
  • Different technologies
  • Materials
  • Design, controls, and limitations

Note: this 3D printing workshop has limited seating so register soon!

Direct questions to Jakob Jorgensen at jj@cobod.com.

Type: Featured Education